For anyone who does unguided meditation, any advice on transitioning from guided meditation?

Vanda N.
I started off with guided meditation and sometimes it’s even hard for me to fully emerge into it. I believe if you fully allow urself to let go of ur physical you will be able to sink and or tap into whatever or wherever the guided meditation takes you. Even if it’s someplace you’re afraid or uncertain of to explore just open ur imagination/Consciousness up to it and really just visualize every word through ur every breath. Allow urself to let go. Don’t rush it. Allow ur imagination to expand far beyond ur current reality and escape from time. Then suddenly, when the guided meditation is over and you wake up it becomes an amazing moment you’ve shared and allowed urself to go/create/manifest . Also pick a good meditation that you feel; not think relates to you. Use ur intuition when you pick it and choose a safe space for you. When choosing a meditation as well try to also set intentions on why you would like to go into it for urself. I found that thinking of this helped me pick which meditation are meant for me. It is your time to just be; without any rules or boundaries. And don’t forget to thank yourself for your efforts! : )