How to I find time to meditate

Lisa T.
Try to incorporate it into something you do regularly already, like during a coffee break or just before you go to sleep.
Dalen U.
I get up the same time every day and it's the first thing I do. I try and allow for 30mins to able to meditate. Now it's become such a habit I dont like starting my day without it.
Michael T.
It can be tough to carve out time for yourself at first. I know that much! The morning is busy and you’re maybe adding more things to the morning routine – feeling like there’s no time.

I’ve had a bit of success with just working 5-10 minutes into my work lunch break. I used to go for a walk in the park, find a sunny (or shady) spot – and pop on a Headspace or something. The paid Headspace has a good one for if you are actually on a walk, where you use the sound / feeling of walking as the metronome to ground yourself.

Now that I’m staying at home in isolation, I’m able to meditate in my bedroom, laying in the sunshine. listening to the noises of the world, trying to count my breaths etc.

My advice is to try things, experiment with different times of day, and start with just 5 minutes at first.

If you still can’t find the time, remember the only way to make more time – is to have less things to do. Give yourself permission to say no to ppl sometimes!

Good luck!!

Bevin U.
If there are times where you are relaxing by looking at your phone, or by reading a book, you can take ten minutes from that time to meditate.