Do you practice regularly, or meditate as needed. (Ie, when stressed,etc)?

Sara W.
I try and practice regularly but if that is not possible I try and do so when I feel stressed, suspect I have some blockage or a problem. I find it good if I haven't done enough exercise in the day and have trouble getting to sleep.

Charlie J.
I do but only recently. I have found it truly helps calm my anxiety and stress.

Jackson T.
I meditate with my partner and when I am less stressed. I tend to mediate when I face a moderate amount of challenge. I find that when I need to mobilize to the maximum, I don't tend to meditate.

L Rke A.
Whenever I feel like the stress is getting too much, I try to sit down and meditate for approximately 5 to 10 minutes. Meditating most often manages to calm me down and reorder my thoughts.

Quit Ria P.
I am trying to practice every day cause I want to make it a habit so I can get the benefits of meditation and notice the changes in my life.

Aubin Q.
What do U do when U can't go to a ☮️ place to meditate? After heaps of practice would you be able to do it with bad energy around you? And if so how?

Billy J.
Regularly, twice day, first thing in the morning and in the evening.

Mitchell J.
I'm usually meditating when I feel like I'm too busy to meditate or I don't want to, because I'm unhappy and want to indulge in chocolate and TV. Meditation is a challenge to look at yourself when you just want to numb out, but this is exactly when you need it! So no, I'm not meditating every day, sometimes I'm just going for a walk or reading a good book. Good luck with your practice!

Henry O.
I try to meditate every day at the same time. I get to work and make a fresh cup of coffee. I find the smell is pleasant and calming, while I meditate. Next, I check my calendar, very briefly – this assures me I have no appointments or other matters to distract me. Next, I close my door so as not to be disturbed. Then I do a 10 minute meditation before anything else in the office. I finish very focused and relaxed with a calm mind.

Heinz Werner F.
I usually do ten minutes in the morning and ten minutes in the evening. I work an eight hour day. On a day off I'll try and do longer. I feel like I get more out of meditating in the morning but knowing I have to get ready for work can throw me off. I think in the moment of being stressed I just try to stop whatever is stressing me rather than meditating. Also stressful moments are usually at work or somewhere where it's not really convenient to meditate. I find meditating regularly makes me less prone to stressful situations.

Albin E.
I have been in a big change in my life. So set schedule yet? No. Exactly 12 min? No. But I do have Fabulous make reminder noises to me throughout the day so that I can note my breathing. Then I can change it if need be. I need reminders and notes. I need to be gracious to myself when I do a lot and also a little.

Calvin E.
I meditate daily at night it helps me to reflect on my day relax my body and clear my mind to ensure a good quality nights sleep.

Siegfried U.
I meditate daily and use noting for thoughts and feelings as they come up. I also have a lable called "story" when I become aware of negative stories rolling in my mind. Spending focused time doing this helps me throughout the day be aware of when I get caught up I my thoughts, and then I use noting then to help get back into the present. When I don't meditate it is harder to remember I have that tool to use throughout the day.

Aid N.
I try to meditate almost every morning to start my day off. Meditation puts me in a great mood, eases and relaxes me, and gives me immense energy. Sometimes, though, when I skip a day or two, it takes me a while to get back into practice so I meditate as needed before implementing it as a daily practice again.

Jesse Q.
I meditate as needed. When I need strength or want to calm down when I'm stressed, anxious or I want to be more positive.

Leonard J.
I like to think I'm beginning to. Lately, I do tend to feel like it would be helpful to meditate, instead of ignoring my routine. I'm getting there. Slowly, habits like exercise, meditation, and flossing are becoming fun.