What type of meditation is best at bedtime

Chrstyn Q.
Breathing meditations are best. Avoid focused meditation. Starts the thought process and may stop you from actually falling asleep.
Fradique S.
A meditation that helps me relax and look at the day I had, and one that makes me happy, and a meditation that gets me ready to go to sleep.
Darrell N.
I enjoy listening to a guided sleep meditation or I enjoy listening to a muscle recovery meditation. It's a way to kind of slow down my mind and be present and relax
Helena X.
There is a special meditation for sleeping. But I would recommend the one which makes u release all tensions and negativity and makes u relaxed and peacefull.
Jen G.
I use Headspace, and they call then "Wind-downs." It's a meditative practice where you let go of the day, all the thoughts whirling around from the hustle and bustle, and relax your body. You can do some visualization, picturing each part of your body, starting with your feet going up to your head, "switching off for the night." Maybe imagine lightbulbs being switched off or that movement or sensation has been removed from each body part. Whatever works for you. The main point is an exercise that will put your mind and body at rest, not stuck on what happened that day or worried about what will come with the next.