Do you notice any difference between meditating in the morning vs a night? Which do you prefer and why?

Tasfia V.
Personally, if I have the luxury of time, I would love to do both of them. I actually try to do both of them.
The morning meditation is, I think, good for recollecting yourself, and make you focus for the rest of the day and in your work.
On the other hand, the night meditation is, very good for clamming yourself and make you feel at peace, I like you're most calm and collective then you were ever in the whole day. It also help you sleep well. it clear your mind then help you to have a sound sleep.
Jacob E.
The morning is far more efficient for me. I find that I wake up with a lot of thoughts already forming in my head and that can make it hard to start my day. Meditation clears my head so that I can move on with my morning with relative ease. Also, in the evening I find my brain is too exhausted from work to focus on anything.
Ida C.
I meditate both in the morning and at night. I find that both has it's own advantages. I prefer the night meditation because it helps me fall asleep, but the morning meditation helps me focus for the day ahead and feel refreshed. I feel if possible you should aim to do both
Michaela N.
I prefer to meditate mid day as a way to pause and reset. I’m usually too tired in the evening and too rushed in the morning. Mid day feels just right