How do you stay consistent with a meditation habit?

Erin P.
Set a reminder each day. Have a comfortable space that is set up for meditation. Know what you wish to reflect upon or work towards with meditation.
Rochus X.
Tie in your meditation practice with another daily ritual, it will soon become second nature. For example, I exercise every morning, and I decided to meditate before my exercises and now I don’t even think about ‘oh there’s this extra thing I need to do in the morning’, I just do it and I’ve been meditating consistently for over 6 months now.
Adelaide T.
Tack it on to the end of something else you do everyday, e.g. as soon as you get up, as soon as you get home from work, just before bed, or after you brush you teeth. Also keep them short, only 5 – 10 minutes in the beginning.
Neusa P.
I have just put it into my routine every night. Staying consistent and focused has been very helpful. I also remind myself that it's making me better not only for me, but for my family.
Mariana I.
Try to do a little each day! Search for guided meditations that you enjoy and establish a goal. You will end up loving it!
Carlotta E.
I think for me it is mainly the app I am using (Smiling Mind) and alerts over alerts.
I also find it easier to meditate if I do it immediately after waking up.