What can I do to meditate, and not fall asleep?

Neko C.
Keep your your back strait but relaxed, sit crisscrossed, focus on your breathing. if you keep your back straight it’ll help you stay awake but stay relaxed. If you sit crisscrossed it’ll feel more like meditating. if you focus on your breathing you won’t fall asleep as easily because your focusing on making sure your breathing is in control. and make sure you listen to what the person is saying, if you focus on breathing while listening to the audio, it’ll make your brain work and keep you awake.
Afza F.
You can open the lights and you can put a alarm for how long you're going to do meditation and then let the alarm go off and then you may wake up if you f fall asleep but make sure there is music well you're doing it that will help you to not go sleep maybe it wouldn't and I'll help you to go to sleep but put on a music that doesn't make you go to sleep
Tanya U.
When you meditate you have to focus on your breathing, another thing you can do is set a timer so you have the suspense of not knowing when it will go off, also you can think about different body parts and focus on them focus on how they feel, what sensation are you feeling from that body part
Terry U.
Actually Im Muslim so I have to pray 5 times a day, thats how i find my peace, I pray everytime before sleepingsleep.
I think,praying is much better than sleep.