How often is the optimal amount for meditation?

David Z.
I am not sure yet. Everyday seems like a goal that can be reached but I have already missed one. I think you should set yourself for everyday but not be defeated or walk away if you miss one every so often.
L Nton F.
Usually 10 min
Heinz Peter Y.
One cannot have enough of meditation . I practice every day for about 21 minutes and sometimes for 42 minutes . But it is important to emphasize that a minute of meditation that you can take throughout the day can also be very effective .
Delores E.
I love meditating first thing in the morning, and every time I feel pressure, or have negative thoughts, or have something important to accomplish. It is a powerful tool to reprogram your mind in the most successful way.
Nils N.
I do t think of an optimal amount of meditation but I am learning to meditate when I need to recenter myself and I hope by living more in the present to be more centered.
Greg G.
Daily is best especially if meditation is new to you. Even if it is used mostly to unwind and relax, who doesn’t need that every day?
When used for soul searching and undoing bad habits you will need time to chip away at those little by little, day after day.
Ian T.
5 minutes, once a day, put a reminder somewhere and find something that will help you meditate. It works. It took me 28 years but it works!
Sandra C.
I want to eliminate the toxin from the body and help to control the mind and release tension and black magic from the body and through it
Carl S.
I think 5 or 10 minutes each day.i prefer 5 mins for first week or 2 weeks,and then 10 mins.its up to u.there is no competetion;)
Morgan N.
I do 12 minutes, but I'm planning in doing a little more. The 'problem for me is that it is early in the morning. I'm trying to figure out how to do more meditation around lunch time
Angie F.
When you’re beginning 10-15 mins is a good start. As you build the calmness you could do anywhere from 30 mins to an hour
Laurine S.
I think once a day is fine. With meditation, it's the quality rather than the quantity that matters. One good deep ten minute session is better than two crappy one-hour sessions.
Dorian Z.
Everyday. Even twice a day but begin small. 5 to 10 minutes daily. Once the habit gets consolidated you can increase the amount of time. Maybe once a week you can try even a long meditation (30 to 45 minutes)
Dafne P.
For me at least 15 mins of meditation a day. If I have more time to spare I increase to 30 mins
Carter B.
Whenever you feel like it, though you should try to have a routine and meditation in the morning feels different than in the evening
Oliver C.
I am not able to give an exact length of time. However, I would think about 30 minutes would be a good number to get started.
J Nior N.
Taking at least a few minutes every day to meditate is ideal for me, but I allow myself grace and forgiveness every time I do not. I know I will always miss it sometime but that is no reason to stop striving for my ideal.