Why do we have to meditate at same time every day?

Marie Q.
Because it makes it easier to build a strong habit then. It's the same for everything in the Fabulous app: the idea is to create routine that you'll end up following without even thinking about it
Tobias E.
We have to meditate the same time everyday to make it become second nature. Meditation is good for relieving stress and when it is second nature it causes stress to be easier to release.
Caleb U.
We don’t have to meditate at the exact same time of day, but we do need to incorporate mediation on a daily basis. For instance, I usually meditate in the morning, but if I don’t have enough time to do that, I’ll meditate in the afternoon or evening. As long as I incorporate meditation daily, then I’ll feel better throughout the day.
Hristo O.
so your brain gets used to it, and you’re less and less likely not to do it. but the crucial part is doing it every day.
Emma O.
We meditate and the same time everyday so our body's will get into a routine of doing it. If we do it on different times every day our body won't make it into a routine