What has helped you get over the initial hump if starting a meditation practice?

Ralph U.
The fact that the app chose this challenge for me. I am curious to see if this app can truly benefit me so I am trying it. It's as simple as that.
Jonat Z.
I think for me the challange was having a routine during the morning where I can set some time to meditate. At the end you just need 10 min
Andy N.
Starting with a very small goal! It quickly becomes addictive and often very enjoyable. But start small. Just a few minutes per day. It's easy to fit in
Z Lio P.
I discovered the 10% Happier app. I had read the Dan Harris book but was not aware of the app. To kick off the new year, the held a meditation challenge with a goal of meditating at least 15 days within a 21 day period. They refer to this as “dailyish.” The app sent reminders each day and provided a daily meditation introducing the various instructors with programs in the app. I successfully completed the challenge and am beginning to recognize the positive impacts. So now I want to keep going and reap the benefits that meditation brings. Thank you for asking.
Nanna U.
I started using Headspace. It's an amazing app that helps alot, especially if you're a beginner who doesn't know quite where to begin and what to do. With time and consistency, you get better at it and notice little differences here and there on how you are on days you meditate and days you don't. That gets you hooked and slowly but surely you develop a daily habit.
Claire O.
Not giving up even when I'm inconsistent. Knowing it is a practice and any meditation at all is better than none even if it doesn't happen in the most optimal way or how I originally planned it.
Isaiah R.
What helps to get started is having a desire to slow down, quiet the white noise in your head and a determination to grow a strong healthy mind. Guided meditation helps you learn how to meditate. Meditating at bedtime helps to relax the body and slow the mind into a peaceful state. If you're having trouble sleeping at night try meditation, the breathing exercises can rewire the brain into calm. Meditating can be commanded by you anywhere anytime anyplace. Ideal for stressful circumstances, you can teach yourself to be calm and think rationally. I recommend meditation, its a wonderful way to empower yourself daily.
Rosa P.
So many interruptions from family members. As soon as I go find a quiet place, my kids find me. Learning to just return to meditation after explaining to kids.
Tilde Z.
Please. Just sit and breathe and follow your breath for just five minutes. But every day, at about the same time. Signal to your self and your lungs and your bones that this is the time. And don't judge it, good or bad. Just, every day, five minutes, sit and watch thoughts … and maybe you'll notice how changing they are!