Is it bad that I don’t try to be present? I can very easily get focused on my body and senses so it’s not like I can’t be present. It’s just most of the time I use meditation as a way to jump start my mind to create and focusing on my breath doesn’t really did that. It’s like the meditation is a travel agent setting my mind off so I can follow where it goes.

Isabella X.
I don’t think that it’s bad to use time to create and possibly relax your mind, but I don’t think you will receive the benefits of less reactivity, increased resilience and increased compassion for self and others with allowing your mind to wander. I do think allowing for tile to create offers its own heath benefits.
Jessica Z.
I wouldn't say bad but sometimes we can focus and relax better when we pause and stop to be in the present.
Having peace of mind is a great thing to have. Relaxation can never be a bad thing, meditation is a great escape. Like everything, balance and moderation. Try mind mapping on paper to soothing music at the start of each day and end with meditation (or other way around) 😊
Sugary Cherry N.
It is never a bad thing when you decide that being in the present in the moment isn’t working. It starts to become an issue when you begin to avoid being present all together. You seem to understand this so you shouldn’t be too worried. I would keep meditating but make sure to try other techniques to jump start creativity.
Rienna N.
i think the most important thing here is to make sure you dont depend on meditation to make your day better or as a jumpstart. there are days where schedule will come between mediation and you’re gonna use didnt have time to meditate today as your reason for not being productive or nice to people or to not have the intention of having a good day on that particular day so, yes meditation is a medium that helps but it shouldnt be something that anchors you forever
Tierra J.
No, it's not bad at all. I don't think that all things can be divided into good or bad but I can tell you that dissociation is a mechanism that your body and mind is deploying for safety! I struggle with wanting be present to; it does seem like you are using meditation appropriately and it's okay to acknowledge that sometimes it just sucks to be present 😌
Kenley Z.
I love meditation and I feel that if it helps you do it do t not do something that works for you just because someone else doesn’t like it
Tilde C.
No, I don't thinks so. Though sometimes it can distract you, I doubt that that's a thing you need to worry about to much.
Gretchen Y.
I dont think you have to try to be present. That needs to happen naturally.Meditation is a good way to clear your mind off alot of things so that you can be able to focus and to stay positive throughout your day. And sometimes to relax your body muscles and to improve your breathing.
Alfred Z.
I think you've answered your own question. No that is not a bad thing. Do whatever works for you. Meditation is a great habit to have and however it works for you is perfect. Everyone is different.
Soham J.
Its not bad, actually you can use it to your advantage by getting into the “flow” state where your focus is set on one task and one task only. It comes while working and meditating can help you enter it aswell
Sydney J.
It’s not bad to not be present all the time, but sometimes you need to be present in order to rely on yourself. meditation is good for calming and recognizing your body and feelings but sometimes their are other things that should come before the meditation!
Maya N.
I agree! Meditation is a way for me to refocus, I tent to loose tract of time, especially on my phone. Meditation is a way for me to escape the world of electronics and vented my mind on my breathing, and emptying my mind with negativity.
Julian E.
I think the way you meditate sounds fascinating, and it also sounds like it works for you, which is the important part. I don’t think it’s bad that you don’t focus on tuning into your body and senses. I personally have to do that for most types of meditation because I almost never feel present in my body or in my physical surroundings. It sounds like you’re naturally able to do that, so you have a head start!
Josilene Q.
No it is not bad. However, you aren't being in the present for just yourself. Though it is great that you can meditate to jumpstart your creative juices, being in the moment is much more than for one's personal gain.
Rachel T.
Oh no I don’t think that’s bad at all, after all meditation varies and its purpose depends on you 😀 I think that is a different kind of mindfulness that will also be useful to practice.
Gasc O B.
Sometime, we need time to give ourselves a break, reality often makes everyone really tiring. It’s okay not to be at present, cause me too😊
Frida F.
Meditation gives you charisma and positive energy to kick start your journey of the day, which is absolutely necessary for every human being out there
Diamantino G.
I think it's not bad, because sometimes it's really important focus on ourselves, we need it, just remember that exists a world around you, working to connect us
Karina F.
Meditation is a tool and ot van be used in a lot of different ways. You can use it introspectively to acess your toughts and feelings but also as a grounding techniques to help you focus on the present and your whereabouts. Neither is better than the other, it all comes down to your needs at the time you choose to meditate.
Pavle C.
It is totally okay, goal of meditation is to get away from present toughts for a short period and to let our brain rest.
Sarah P.
I think there is no “right” or “wrong” way to meditate. Presence is all about totally immersing yourself in the moment, feeling the joy and energy in the now. If breathwork is just a vessel that takes you to a place of no-mind and creativity, I think that’s a beautiful way to practice presence!
Pat W.
I don't think it's a bad thing. If you find yourself feeling better this way and this is what you need, then it's something great that helps you.
Gail F.
It's easy to get distracted when we meditate, you need to gently bring your mind back to what you are doing. We can't stop distractions but you can let them go,acknowledge them and tell them not now but thank you
Leanne G.
I get it I often feel the same way, I’ve climbed a mountain and in that moment not felt present but I found was I was nearly to the top being the lack of oxygen maybe found my mind clearing all on its own it was a clear moment of being in the moment. I find whenever I can’t find myself present I find something to act as my rock and bring me back to that moment and ground myself, however it is okay to let your mind wonder a bit you don’t have to be on all the time but if your never in the present your not going to be able to look back on younger you and go hey I’m proud of you we lived a well lived life
Tiawhana O.
Tbh i wish I could be in the present my mind wonders so much I end up in the future. But no it’s not a bad thing sometimes you just wanna relax and not have to work so hard to focus.
Erin F.
No it is not bad not trying to be present, you don’t have to. It basically depends on the situation you are in therefore you don’t always have to force yourself to be present. If you just follow what you enjoy the most and do some meditation and feel calm, you may be present
Shadil Z.
Living true the meditation is final stage of focus on breath. Step by step you will get control of your life with meditation 😍💥
Tony Q.
Dear one,
I use meditation the same way many of the times.
I also know for sure that it"s not BAD….
I think tge bottom.line of the result is what counts and that is the answer to the puestion How do u feel afterwards and in the followibg day, what is your state of mind when u come to your meditation session.
Also, please.try remember that words don't teach and your practice and experienxe r the most importent and valuble.
Have a great day!
Jack B.
No, it is not bad that you do not try to be present. Everyone is different and has their own reasons for practicing meditation. I myself practice meditation to reduce stress and to be more calm. I say before meditating set an intention. In your case you want to boost creativity, so before you get into the meditation set the intention that you want to be more creative and let your mind free to roam with ideas during meditation. I hope this helps 🙂 have a great day
Yash A.
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