How to not get into sleep

Debra U.
If I am really tired, I would like to take a sleep. If there’s really an important thing, I would like to take a coffee.
Al Pio C.
To not fall asleep during meditation is to continuously and consistently and persistently practice focusing the awareness on a single pointed course of concentration on something. Every time the awareness and concentrated attention drift, bring it back to focusing on whatever is the point of focus. The point of focus can be the breath, a candle flame, a picture being visualized, a chant, a sound, an attribute, a figure, whatever you feel a connection with and will aid in developing an awakened concentration. It is also beneficial to keep the practices short at first and gradually increase the duration as the awakened awareness and concentration develop and strengthen. Start off practicing for 1 to 5 minutes at a time until single pointed focused concentration is easily maintained and then gradually increase the duration. If falling asleep is an issue, then the duration of the practice is too long and the power of undistracted concentration requires gradual development until it can be easily maintained for longer durations.
Laurie S.
It is difficult for me。Sometimes I just have hard work, or on duty last night, I have to sleep.
Sometimes I just don’t have energy or impulse to work.
It is a difficult problem for me.
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