How do you start and end your meditation?

Georgia U.
I sit down, get comfortable, close my eyes, and breathe deeply. I open my eyes, I look around, I move my head, I get up and continue with the rest of my day.
Hails G.
I begin with earphones some other sounds don't accidently pop in and distract me, a comfy seat, eyes closed and some deep breaths as instructed. I end by continuing to reflect on the messages/learnings for a minute or so with the music before refocusing on the present. Then I journal!
Abigail S.
At first I hide my mobile. Then I choose a peaceful place and sit there crossing my legs and straighten my back. Then slightly I close my eyes.

When it is completed, I slightly open my eyes again, no hurry, slightly.

Manuel J.
Sitting comfortably, head over shoulders over hips and notice your breathing and the movements and feelings it brings about. Relax your shoulders, and close your eyes. There is the option of focusing on the breathe or a silent Mantra. Today's was Om Vritam nama. If the mind wanders then gently come back to the breathe /or Mantra. When you feel ready release the Mantra, become aware of the body and gently open your eyes.
Darby S.
I start my meditation by setting up my sitting area and getting comfortable and well supported. I end when my watch buzzes and pick up my cushion.
Tracy Z.
With prayer in Jesus'name
I may pray about what I'm grateful for, concern for loved ones going through hard times, my inner struggles/character flaws, and/or trying to refocus on the things most important in life (rather than the temporary or material things). Hope this helps!
Sheila S.
on my yoga mat. i place the yoga mat next to my bed so i have a physical reminder to stretch and meditate before and after sleeping every day.
M Ustafa A.
Türkçe yazacağım bunu çevirirsiniz meditasyon uygulaması olarak headspace kullanıyorum ve belirli sonuçlar almak için özellikle meditasyon yapıyorum ve bu benim daha iyi hissetmemi sağlıyor
Erykah U.
i first recognize my energy when i open my eyes and then depending on that, i base my meditation to specifically coincide with my emotions and mind set. if successful and focused and vulnerable to the voice , by the end of the meditation i feel great and ready for the days adventures