When is the best time to meditate?

Juliana Almeida
I always try to meditate before I go to bed , and do extra sessions whenever I feel stressed or anxious or angry to calm myself down.

Ditmar Repp
Just before sleeping at night…the final moment of the day after you’ve already been through a wind down process in preparation for sleeping.

Alison Richards
I don’t think there is a best time, whenever it is good for you. I like to start with a few breathing excercises and get up and going and then meditate appreciattively towards myself and the potential day. That’s all I’d recommend.

Kyle Boyd
I usually do a short meditation in the morning to start my day to help me feel present in the moment. However, I do it whenever I’m having a hard time focusing as well and it totally helps.

Nia Rocha
Hey! For me is when I just wake up. Its good to start the day with a different mind set and clear on what your goals are and also contemplating what you have, what you are grateful for and what you are capable of. It pumps your energy and motivates you for another day!

Mark Palmer
It depends on each person’s circumstance, but most often, I find it to be the morning. Once you’re awake and right before you run out the door to greet the day or open the door to greet. And midway through the day to help one stay grounded. And then to relax one for sleep.

Kunibert Jäschke
My meditation time changes with my needs. I find that the best time is first thing in the morning, as it primes me for my day. But if I miss a morning, I don't let it stop me from meditating later in the day.

Déborah Silva
In the morning, after you've done something to engage your body to help make sure you'll practice active presence in the meditation and not fall asleep. I recommend doing it after you've brushed your teeth and made your bed – two necessary things that help you feel accomplished early in the day and involve enough moving around that 10 minutes in silence won't whisk you right back onto dreamland. Hope that helps 🙂.

Cathy Olson
Well I enjoy meditation the times a day a short one in the morning maby 5 minutes with deep breathing then at lunchtime I try for ten minutes at least again with the breath and try in bed I like to do the full body scan head to toe with the breath I try to soften each part I must confess that sometimes I just drift away to sleep..

but not always .at work when someone tries to irritate me again I go to the breath have a great day

Jânia Rocha
Before sleeping is the best time when I close everything and let my mind relax. Otherwise, I will be thinking of things I should do after meditation.

Romeu Teixeira
I love meditating in the morning after I’ve drunk a little water and brushed my teeth. By then I feel a little more awake and then start my day mindfully!

Eduíno Moreira
That really depends on you but to me it is the best to meditate in the morning. I start my day with a glass of water and then I meditate to make sure that I feel positive about what is going to happen during the day.