I have given my traumatic memories a good place while meditating, but my wife is still struggling and has panic attacks. What can help her?

Thies A.
You should tell her to try meditation or as soon as she feels a panic attack, to stop, and think about every happy thing in her life right now. After listing all they out take a few deep breaths and (out loud) tell yourself “I can do this.” Good luck!!
Somrutai C.
It might because she just start meditate, may be if she practice for more time or longer, it could help her physical to adjust and can meditate without have any pain.
D Ni E.
Does she do meditation practices specifically for anxiety? That might be one thing that helps some gentle reflection on her own fear, rather than getting sucked into the thoughts that set it off. Also exercising a little before meditation can help bring you more into the body, so you’re not so caught up in the same traps in the mind. I hope she feels better!
German T.
Congrats on being able to meditate on your past. I don’t know much, but it seems she is going to have to work through it. Headspace might have a pack based on her specific past. Another extreme method might be the Wim Hoff Method. His breath work techniques have helped people dramatically confront their past with a clear and different understanding afterwards. Best of luck, and good job for y’all sitting with the mind.
Olivia T.
Let's try to meditate together holding your wife hands in yours. At the beginning, calm her down by looking at her eyes and giving instructions on breathing. Later you can both close your eyes. Don't stop breathing continuously until panic attack ends. Put the headphones on your both heads and play meditation music. It can also include meditation instructions or trainings. Help your wife to meditate by giving some tips and tricks that you use. Be a gentle, patient and kind teacher for her. When she will learn to meditate independently you can continue on your own meditation too. Do not forget – sharing is carrying.