What’s the best way to do my evening meditation?

M Z.
Find a quiet space away from your workspace without any distractions. Write down any thoughts that are troubling you before you meditate. At the end, write a short journal entry on how you are feeling after meditating and if it has shown you anything.
Meryem X.
Block out sound. Or get a sound buffer. Close eyes. Only think about your breathing. Imagine relaxing each part of you body starting with you feet and end with the muscles in your face. Then talk to yourself in your mind about the details of your day and do you best to keep you mind on track so you cam mentally solve you doubts and worries with calm and well thought out decisions. When you are satisfied with youself and your mindset you maybe focus on your breathing and then open your eyes. Some would call this clear feeling enlightenment.
Lemon N.
You have to find a proper place, quite and put your headphones then just listen to the instructor and follow the instructions.

Maybe you will lose the focus sometimes but yet try to follow immediately

Julie N.
I do my evening meditation as an help to fall asleep. By practicing deep breathing my body gets to know that it’s time to calm down. By focusing on this breathing my brain do also slow down, even sometimes all my thoughts goes away especially when I do focus on counting the breaths, both in and outcomes .
Rania V.
Put some candles, relaxing music of the App and close your eyes while breathing .. now think deep into your mind and soul.. dream