Do you have to meditate every day? And if so how long would you meditate?

Norman G.
I meditate everyday just to keep the habit in my head. I usually meditate before bed so that I am relaxed for sleep and I can go over my day. I meditate for roughly 10 to 15 minutes .
S Ren I.
Yes I feel better after it. Makes me more calm and ready do do my next task that is there. It de stressd me in a good way I like to meditate for more than 5 mum less than 10 min
Sesinando A.
I try to meditate every day and I want to. However, sometimes life gets in the way. So if I am unable to, I try to ensure it a never more than a couple of days without. I tend to do a ten minute session.
Cassandre G.
Yes meditation should be an everyday thing .
1. It help build the habit of staying consistent

2. Put you in a good mood every time and you won’t see change unless you go in my opinion

Constance C.
I make sure that I do meditate everyday but I change the length of how long depending on the day. If I’m not that focused or tired, I shorten it up to give myself the habit, to suggest to myself a little bit but to ensure I still get some value out of it. If I have more time and energy then I allow myself a little longer but not much longr
Virgulino Z.
I’d say if you’re wanting to make it a routine, then yes. But you don’t necessarily have to, you can just meditate when you feel it is best to do so. And my times durations for meditation vary. Most of the time, I will pick one particular song and meditate for the duration of it, and other times I will either let the song repeat a few times, or let a couple of songs play while I meditate.
Abigail Z.
You don’t have to meditate everyday. It all depends on your goals. Meditating everyday is what will help me reach the goals I aspire to. I started meditating for 5 min for about 1 week and now I’m up to 10 min. It’s challenging but I definitely want to continue and get better at it.