How do you get yourself to meditate when you just don’t feel like it?

Sarah Z.
What I do is light candles and turn of the lights and make everything peaceful and serene so you are 8n a nice and calm place. All your work will make you want to do it and when you just start then it will be fine
Michelle N.
I sandwich it between things that I enjoy or that make me feel good. I put it where it feels natural for me, and before the interruptions of the day lead me off into my “productive” phase.
Marsha Z.
I haven’t been meditating that long. But especially at night time I’m sometimes already done and don’t feel like it. But then I do a very relaxing and short breathing one and I just meditate myself to sleep. 🤓
This way I now feel like meditating because it gives me a peace of mind when I’m about to go to bed.