When is the best time of day to do meditation? In the morning after waking up? Or at night before sleeping?

Rosalyn C.
Yes morning after waking up. Sets you day in sync. It’s the best opportunity to be fully aware of what is there for you today.
Villads A.
I am told that morning meditation is best, however I do mine at night. Every night I do it in bed. I celebrate that I have a daily meditation routine rather than when and/or how I meditate. Meditation has changed my life and I can’t imagine a day when I don’t do it. Cuz…I go to bed every single night:)
Pawel T.
I meditate both in the morning and before bed, on days I feel stressed I will meditate in between, maybe doing a walking meditation, or while taking a bath. In my opinion, any time is a good time to meditate.
Peter A.
I don’t think there is a best time as everyone’s lifestyle is different but I find it personally the best when I can be at a private space and in quiet which is either after waking up and just before I go to sleep. 🙂
Ralf Dieter P.
I think it depends on the purpose of the meditation. If you meditate in the morning, it will remind you to think mindfully throughout your day. At night, I don't "officially" meditate, but I use mindfulness techniques to focus on my breath and fall asleep easier without excessive worrying.
Ma Lie E.
I fluctuate with my meditations. Always when in bed before sleep and during my afternoon walks I also meditate a bit. Last night I woke up at 2:30 and mediation helped me fall back to sleep.
Vicki J.
I like to meditate at my week hour when i feel very tired and sleepy so afternon. If I have to pick between morning and evening I'd say evening because afterwards I can go sleep
Nevaeh U.
I do both dependants on how emotionally you are if your stressed it can help on wake up or calm I tend to do it morning stressful day I do it before bedtime
Sharon U.
No matter what time of day you choose to meditate, you’re going to see benefit. Look at your current schedule and think about which time of day you’re more frequently available to add meditation to your routine and make the decision based on that.
J Ssia Q.
I find that meditation provides benefits whenever it is practiced but there is no doubt that morning meditation sets you up perfectly for the day ahead. Night time meditation will ensure a good nights sleep.
Bob U.
The best time to do meditation is before bed. You give yourself the chance to clear your mind of all distractions and just relax.
Emma T.
I prefer the morning but I think you have to pick a time that you can ensure you will stick to the habit. If it is too hard to get done in the morning then pick another time of day that you can be in the same place daily and have a quiet, uninterrupted moment to meditate. Good luck!
Scar N.
I actually like to meditate morning and evening. Morning because it helps me to start my day with my mind fairly clear and focused. Evening because I like to clear any cobwebs out of my mind. I start with gratitude mindfulness and review what the day has brought to me. But if during the day, there any problems, I will stop and do some breathing meditation. The best time to meditate is when it feels right for you.
Cl Ment Y.
It's a really personal choice. Even for me the time of day fluctuates. It has been said that the same time of day is good to start habits. Now I listen to my body and meditate when I feel need to. Just make sure you are awake enough to meditate, or you will find yourself sleeping 🙂
Claude F.
Any time you feel like relaxing, any time of the day that you can be calm, alone and have some time to spend for you, but i preffer before sleeping cause that is the time i have free time and tranquility to do it.
Ana Lle O.
In my experience I found that in the evening before bed is the best time to meditate. It helps you disconnect from your day, be thankful for what happened and get into a relaxed state.
Joabe Q.
I prefer at night when the day is done and I’m more relaxed.

Although maybe I need to just plan my day better and get up earlier to do it then

Malthe B.
I’ve tried both and I feel like it’s a good way to start the day to help you feel motivated but it’s also a nice way to wind down in the night when you want to reflect.
Lisa U.
I think that depends on you and how you are. I prefer it at night to calm me down after a long day but also just before study as it helps me to focus.
Emil C.
Hi, we should do meditation in the morning when we want to start afresh our day and with focus in mind if we have disturbed sleep at night.
We should meditate at night when we face it difficult to sleep at night as it helps
To forget things going in our mind and make us feel relaxed because of which we sleep better and wake up fresh.

So according to me it totally depends on the situation when we should meditate, whether in the morning once we wake up or at night before sleep.

The main purpose to meditate is to keep our minds free from wandering here and there which is not required and to make us stress free.
Hope this helps. Thanks

Sherry J.
During the night time, after getting all the things done for the day usually it should be more relaxing and focusing (it’s also more relaxing ))
Grace G.
It’s best to meditate in the mornings as it balances you for the day. One can always meditate before bed too if you’ve had an especially stressful day. I find it best to have a tepid shower before meditation, it may sound contradictory but it stimulates the whole body and really improves the mediation results. It’s also important to have an empty stomach when you meditate.
Ryan P.
I’m an afternoon girl, myself. After a day full of talking and supporting my team, I need to recover before heading home to my family.
Veronica E.
Whenever works best for you and whenever you need to be centered. I have terrible insomnia so mediating before bed works very well for me. Some people prefer starting their day off meditating. Try both and see what works best for you!
Hilmar E.
Both! Morning meditation helps set the tone for your day. Bed time meditation helps you let go of the day and prepare for sleep.
Tracy C.
Well it depends on ur situation, If ur the busiest through out the day from morning till night its better to do it at night time before u sleep so u could releife all ur stress away. Cuz in my opinion if u have alot of things to do during the day and u try to do it u wont be able to achieve it cuz of the ammount of stress factors u have. So its better at night time before u sleep to get that good night sleep.