How do we know when stretching is successful?

Luke P.
I'm always physically tense because of my anxiety. When I stretch, it's a reminder to let it all go for a few minutes. My body loosens up and I feel light as a feather. It feels great! In turn, it actually changes my outlook on the day. Super laid back!

Jamie Z.
It depends on how we define success. If your goal is to touch your toes and you’ve never been able to do that before and you expect it to happen tomorrow… well, it won’t. My goal is simply to take a moment to become aware of how my body is feeling each morning and to be mindful of the places I find tension. Each day is a success because my goal isn’t about making my body do something it’s not prepared to.

Elizabeth T.
When you can feel the tension easing out, and your sore muscles relaxing. Maybe increase the time for a stretch to more than a minute over time.