Can stretching increase my height?

Lana Leroy
I’m no scientist but I’ve heard many people give personal accounts of increasing their height by less than an inch because of stretching. So my answer is yes.

Pierre Vidal
No, probably not! But the correct posture can not only increase your height, but also make you look like you’ve lost weight!
Keep stretching, keep exercising and keep a close eye on your posture!

Cassandra Vidal
I don’t think so but for sure it can make you feel like it. Although it possibly can lengthen the spine so who knows but as I said i don’t think so

Heinz-georg Teufel
Yes I am 5'11 and I strongly suggest stretching for increasing your height. You can also try yoga for increasing your height like the cat and cow pose

Heloísa Freitas
Hi well i think it depends on what age you're in. If you are in your teenage era you still has the chance but if you are an adult i don't know .. you see I'm not a expert here… i just used it and i felt good about it

Dwayne Stewart
I think that stretching can’t increase your height, but it can help to relax your muscles and body. A good food and exercising can increase your height, so if you want to increase it, then you should eat healthy, exercise and sleep 6-8 hours.

Keith Hall
Yes, If your age is less than 18, it will definitely work. If not, then also it might work if your joints are not streched yet.

Ritthy Hughes
Yes! When you stretch you are lengthening yourself and over time, you will be standing straighter, tummy tucked in tighter and look taller and slimmer!

Pedro Craig
Your no way can be relaxed enough that your spine can release some of its compression to which you will see significant growth mostly in the morning before "the weight of the day" sets in on your spine. If done long and properly enough you can keep the compression at a minimal and strengthen the spine to stay long.

Rose Smith
Genetics would play a more important role in your height BUT stretching will make you aware of posture and make you feel good. Being in good posture will give you your maximum height.

Siegrun Reimann
I think it can help improve posture which might help you stand a little taller, but I don’t think it will make you taller.

Wesley Spencer
Yes and no. It will help most adults stand and appear taller but not book physically grow more ; it may help you physical grown more if you stretch everyday while growing as a child.

Chloe Riley
I really don’t think so. It doesn’t work like that. It is basically stretching of muscles which have become contracted due to being in a similar position for a very long time. This helps release the contractures and increases blood supply to those muscles which increases its nutrition and reduces fatigue by washing away metabolises.