Have you got a good stretch for a stiff neck?

Stephanie C.
The dreaded kinked neck. Well, while nothing but time(and maybe a massage) will work it out, I've found slow, gentle, rocking stretches to work well. Slowly move your head left to right to stretch the sides; forward and backward for the back; and a good downward dog/child's pose/bent-over half hang feel good too!

I also suggest doing the neck stretches in the shower, under hot water, with the water directly on the neck. Remember to breathe and be patient, and do not overexert yourself here, or it'll exacerbate the whole thing.

Robert Q.
Hang off the edge of your bed. Not by your back, but hang starting right at where your neck ends and your shoulders begin. Hold for 5 minutes and be careful getting up.
Frederikke G.
Slowly move around your head from left to right as far as you can. Then slowly move your head around in a circle for a couple of minutes. Lastly stretch your neck forwards and backwards while letting your chin touch your chest and the back of your head touch your shoulders
Elizabeth S.
Gently push your head sideways by reaching your arm over and resting your hand on your eat and the side of your face and then start to gently push your head and repeat on the other side.
Mapril S.
I got these from my chiropractor, and they've been very helpful.
Stretch A
1. Tuck chin
2. Love down
3. Right ear toward right shoulder. Keep that chin tucked!
4a. Rotate head down (to look at your shoulder).
5. You can increase the stretch by using your right hand to apply very gentle pressure to your head, or reach your left arm toward the floor.
6. Repeat on the other side.

Stretch B
Repeat all of the above except:
4b. Rotate head up to look at the ceiling. Again, remember to keep your chin tucked.

If you get a stiff neck frequently, do a few sets of chin tucks during the day. You can do this by lying down on your back and tucking your chin-your pillow will provide resistance.

Jose O.
During meditation, I’m relaxing my body. Paying attention to whatever is stiff, If my neck is stiff, I gently make massaging circling movements. Bending the head forward gently, Then make a rotating movement clock wise, from front to right side, to back, to left and front again. Just a gently movement, You’ll feel the muscles that are stiff by doing this, repeatedly rotate your head and notify the uncomfortable feeling at that spot. Gently repeat the process until your neck feels more relaxed and the stiffness becomes softer.