Where do you keep your tension? Mine is in my shoulders, so I like doing shoulder rolls and neck rolls to help remind myself to relax those muscles

Kevin U.
i keep all my tension in the middle of my back. so it hurts a lot everyday. so i do yoga to feel more relaxed. i love forward folds because thats where i feel my spine long and relaxed
Kayla Q.
Pretty much my whole body is tense. I try and massage it myself sometimes but I don’t think I know the most efficient way as I don’t know the best way to do it. I haven’t looked into it much. My back, my ankles, my neck, my chest, my shoulders, my jaw, my feet, my hands, my lower arms, my elbows, they all have tension in them right now as I feel a slight pain in all of those places. I usually ignore the little pain but since I am being asked I realize it more than usual. I wish I knew better ways to get the tension out.
Guadalupe Z.
I feel it in my shoulders and my neck, sometimes in the back of my arms. I dont do much in order to releases the tension in those areas, but I would love some massages hahha
Kayla Q.
Mine is also on my shoulders, and in my jaw, i clench my teeth so hard it is giving me alot of trouble , i deal with alot of extra pain even fight a constant tooth infection because of all the stress and tension i hold im my jaw.