Had anyone else found stretching hasn’t made a difference?

Bertram G.
I actually cannot get out of bed unless I do some stretching and self massaging. My muscles and joints stiffen during the night and if I put my feet on the floor without massaging them, I get shooting pain throughout my body.
Luna O.
Ask Mom that stretching makes me feel better because I know it's healthier for my body it's going to improve my agility and it gets all of your body parts moving in the blood flow moving in all areas
Henry B.
Stretching should make a difference if done correctly. Do you think doing a Body Scan while you’re stretching might raise your awareness? If it doesn’t, consider contacting an Exercise Physiologist to help you in routine. An Exercise Physiologist will have a minimum of a Master’s Degree so don’t confuse that with a Personal Trainer. They are no where near the same profession. If that still doesn’t bring you to the place that your awareness is able to make that connection, you might consider a Neurologist as things can interfere with our Neuronal Firing, affecting our ability to feel our body’s movement appropriately.
Anton C.
I feel good when I do stretching because of my back pain and that is the moment that I feel very good. The day I don't have time to do stretching is the day I feel a lot of pain in my back. For me stretching every day is important.