What are the best stretches to do?

Herbert U.
My minute stretch is done in bed, before getting up or going to sleep. Start timer, rollaround and stretch in bed. My body leads me to where to stretch more. It feel good and is amazing before ya get up and go, or fall right asleep.

Cory F.
Generally, it's best to let your body decide. Take some time, stand still, and reflect: where do I feel stiffness, where don't I feel my body as well, as I do in other places? Then, stretch your arms and go on tiptoe, stretching all the way to the ceiling, cat-like. Shake off all tension afterwards, then concentrate on whatever area felt stiff in the beginning: if it still needs some care, stretch it, concentrating on legs, arms, torso: whatever you need. At least that's what I do 😉

Laura B.
I dont know user. I just Stretch all Over, like i used to do after aerobics or some other classes, and i just hope i AM doing it right.
But i feel better after. It must be a good sign 🙂

Helmut Z.
I enjoy doing hip flexers and working on my splits. Also, I love stretching out my back; from touching my toes and holding it for a minute to reversing into a back bend. My goal is to get more flexible as I am a dancer and I wish to pursue in my passion.

Logan T.
I follow varying Asuna Rebel programs from 4 – 27 mins throughout the day.
Always one 27 minute stretch in the morning, and trying to end most days with a similar amount of time.

Ekrem W.
Neck and shoulder stretches to relieve the tension accumulated during sleep and during the day. 5 mins stretches first thing when you wake up and same before going to bed. Practise that and you will feel much better to start the day or end the day.

Sofia Y.
I think it depends of what kind of activities you do throughout your day, I do CrossFit and Run 🏃‍♀️ so to stretch my legs🦵🏼🦵🏼 is very important as well as my arms 💪🏼, the 10 min stretch that this app offers free of charge I find it amazing and at the end I always add 5 more minutes of leg stretch and some extra yoga poses such as child’s pose, bridge and triangle poses.. Listen to your body and it will easy 😊

Alma P.
Cobra pose and Standing backbend pose are one of my top 5, I would recommended slow and controlled breathing and holding each pose for atleast 15 seconds.

Elisah P.
I don’t do anything crazy! Just regular stretches and I put music on in the background. I stretch my legs, arms, hips and back! I always feel way better and ready to conquer the day!!

Samuel S.
I believe it really depends on what your body needs. I have a personal trainer that helps me in this way. Usually yoga streches that are applicable to your condition. Please look for the poses that fit best and do them after your workout.

Bas Lio Q.
Stretch out your legs and arms first thing in the morning, it will get you going for the day and hopefully make you start to yawn so you’ll be the first person actually awake at work ! I also recommend doing the stretches extremely slowly, I go into a bridge position, hold it, and then very slowly come down into a snake-like position (where your practically lying down but with the top half of your body elevated – wish I could send you a picture, would be a lot easier than explaining) hold that, slowly go up again and repeat !
Hope this helps x 😂🌻😘