Any ideas on how to learn the splits?

Jacob W.
Keep trying! I personally learned because I have taekwondo classes (Taekwondo is like a self defense thing) but it took time for me too! So keep up the good work! Try a few things I have listed here –
1. Lestion listen
August B.
Short answer is to stretch and the long answer is look up a stretch routine and take it at your own pace. Try different once till you find one you really click with. If you try to push your limits while stretching to get ahead you can over exert yourself and cause more damage than you think. While you stretch there should be NO pain!! If it hurts don't go as far into the stretch, there might be some discomfort but no pain. Make sure do drink lots of water because you'll be sore. If you want to speed up the process do it twice a day and to make it fun i highly recommend playing some sick music.
Jens Peter F.
Yes, it takes much time and dedication. I went from stiff to doing the split by stretching every day for 15 minutes. Be kind for yourself and patient. Push yourself a bit further every day, but not too far.
Everett Z.
It's a very complicated routine, it needs patience and perseverance. Do it little at a time, stretching and strengthening that area with exercise. When you feel comfortable, then go on another half inch and so on. If possibile, seek advice of people who can do it already, they'll help for sure.
Codi G.
I was a cheerleader 📣 the easiest way to do the splits is stretching, stretching, stretching. There are specific split stretches but it’s a little difficult to explain. YouTube has a lot of good videos! I hope this helps!