I have so many aches and pains, as of yet one minute just doesn’t cut it. I have been doing 10 minutes focusing on each muscle I think needs stretching.Am I over doing it or should I just decide that my morning routine needs more than a minute until my body tells me so?

Malthe X.
It is necessary to take the time and stretch out your muscles each morning with that much pain, time isn’t the issue but, what type of stretching, although you may know this, stretching withought warming up your muscles (fully) can cause serious injury. What I’m trying to say is, you can jump into a split right when you wake up- but I’d recommend finding deeper stretches and doing them for long periods of time. Also epsom salt baths and deep bleu creams really help!
Dean S.
Hi! I’m not sure, because I don’t know what pain are you experiencing. In my opinion, you should cut the exercise by half. Do 5 minutes, BUT do it twice a day. That way the muscles will have time to relax between the 2 sessions. Stretch in the morning and then in the afternoon.
I hope it helps you!
Best wishes,
Clara B.
I would say that maybe you should stretch a bit more if you feel like it. It's not about the time or about what other say that is good, it's about what feels good to you
Patricia E.
It depends. If you feel like you need more than one minute, then that's what you need to do. I personally think that 1 minute is not enough, I'd say 5 minutes is what works for me since I also want to warm up and work out. I think the challenge is one minute because its aim is to build a habit and it wouldn't be realistic to start building a habit with 10 minutes each day because some people would not stick to it. My advice is just to listen to your body and see what it needs.
Sarah T.
If the stretching hasn’t helped then it’s likely you have probably developed a movement compensation which requires the muscles (which you feel as achy) to work more than they should. Get a physio to assess your posture and perform a movement screen looking at the way you walk, move through functional movements and then strengthen the weak muscles! This might be what you need!
L Rke U.
Don’t push your body too hard. Work with the aches and pains. You might need to change up your routine. Don’t forget to rest your muscles also. That can and will slow down the progress
Rasmus X.
I think you are over doing it. You just need 10-15 minutes in the morning when you wake up in the morning and before you go to bed and that’s it!!!! No stretching in the middle of the day unless you are at the gym.
Kristin G.
One minute better than zero minute. If 10 minutes it is what it takes to make you feel fabulous, that you deserve that 10 minutes to focus on each muscle —- to focus on yourself.
Her Dio Q.
In this situation it may be a good idea to talk to your doctor. They can verify which muscles are hurting and refer you to physical therapy if needed. If you don't have insurance, you can go online and see if there are any low-cost clinics or university services nearby. Good luck!
Carole T.
If your body is hurting solely from stretching, it’s asking you to tai e it easy! You need to ease into stretching, and truly listen to your body.
Congratulations on stretching that much!
Just ease into your stretches, like easing into a workout.
Feel better!
Addison O.
I also started doing the stretching but also need to focus at least 10 minutes as it takes a few just to loosen up the stiffness before I really get into the routine
I would definately do more if you can afford the time.
Abigail Z.
I have just started implementing stretches as part of my morning routine. However, my mom suffers from back pain and she has different back problems. She started doing acupuncture and swimming to help with the pain, which it does. I get acupuncture and massages for my migraines, which definitely helps. Consider additional options.
Villads G.
I'm no healthcare provider so the first thing I would recommend is to talk to your doctor to rule out anything serious and to see if the type of stretches you are doing is beneficial. I do simple yoga moves for my stretch routine. None of that overly bendy stuff; just simple. If you do decide on doing more than one minute, you might want to build up to ten minutes verses jumping straight to it. Best of luck