What time of the day do you usually like to stretch?

Charlie O.
When I wake up, I try my best to stretch before attending online classes. After that, I take a break then do my exercise routine in the afternoon. I do Pamela Reif's exercises which are so good.

Darik Z.
I dont really streach that much a day. I only do it when the app reminds me which is for 2 mins. But stretching helps your brain to be more relaxed and 2 and half times more productive.

Eva J.
I really like stretching early in the morning whenever I can. But there’s also something just perfect about stretching once I’ve completed all my work in the evenings and can finally wind down

Sharon C.
I stretch twice a day at least. When I wake up and before I go to sleep while unwinding. However during the course of the day when I feel like I need a stretch or feeling like my body is building up some tension then I do a quick stretch too