How do I stop snoozing in the morning?

Silas C.
Dear Fabulous friend 🍀 the best advice I've heard was to set your why. Why do you want to get up earlier? Or why do you want to stop snoozing? And your why-power should be really yours, not just somebody's wish, but truly yours. This power will help you 😌 I hope this will work for you ✨ wishing you all the best!

Johanna Z.
While I’m still in bed, I turn on my Bluetooth speaker from my phone and blast some pumping music to start my day off energetically!

S Nia E.
This is a hard one for me too!
I go to bed early to relax, then I set my alarm 5 minutes earlier each day so my body is used to waking up early. Having my phone as my alarm at the other side of the room helps get me out of bed and drinking water as soon as I wake up helps wake me up more! Best of luck with it. I don’t know you but I believe in you!!!

Alyssia Y.
Well you can try putting a water next to were you sleep it will help you wake up a little more I find it also easier to wake up when I go to sleep a littlest earlier hope this can help you

Ana Z.
I think about something I want to eat or drink in the kitchen such as coffee. There are even coffeemakers that can be set to go off before you wakeup so you smell it after your alarm goes off. It's a good motivator.

Tilman J.
I find that going to bed earlier is the best remedy for snoozing an alarm clock. When I am participating best in my desired routine, I am in bed at 7:30 or 745 reading and asleep by 8:15 . I have no possibility I’ve oversleeping my alarm. Usually by the time four or 430 rolls around, I’m dying to get out of bed.

Tucha F.
As I begin to know my purpose and that I have been given a new day a fresh morning, I am grateful and thankful for having the opportunity to see another morning. The preparation the night before gets me ready and excited to start my day. Also knowing that time waits for no man and it’s a precious resource that I cannot get back once it has passed. So, I take advantage and learn to use my time wisely and snoozing in the morning is a waste of my resources (time).

Suzanna S.
I leave my window open, so the sun can shine right into my face, what helps me to wake up. Also i drink more water lately so I really need the bathroom in the morning 😂that makes me leave my bed.
Plus i like a good, slow breakfast so i know if I stand up earlier I have time to make it

Catherine Q.
Find a motivator, to be honest I'm still figuring it out myself. I often sleep in but I'm getting better about it because I'm finding reasons to get up and go.