I’m looking for free apps or tutorials for stretching. Any ideas?

Cl Ment Y.
There's plenty of tutorial on YouTube, there's a YouTuber named Holly dolke that has a 5min stretching routine that I think is good, hope this helps!
Claire J.
You don’t really need any apps, just stretch the essentials, and where your body needs the stretch. I reach for my toes, reach for the ceiling, do arm twists, stretch my sides (side bends). Hold each for 10 secs. Breathe into the muscles you’re stretching. Also, don’t hold your breath during the stretch- be actively inhaling and exhaling.
Isabella G.
Look on YouTube for some routines, definitely check Pinterest. And check Instagram! Lots of yoga people or fitness people on their. Check out @ NatBFit
Deborah W.
You could, of course, do the stretches in the Fabulous app. If you want to target a specific area GMB (Gold Medal Bodies) has some great stuff.