How would you recommend significantly increasing flexibility?

Alison E.
Doing stretches more frequently and slightly more intense gradually. Maybe also start looking for apps or tutorials to show more advanced and targeted moves.
J Natas P.
I'm not sure if your question targets the physical flexibility or the psychological ability to bend over one's fixed beliefs or routines.
The answer for both could be the power of will: while practising stretch exercises (in example the "cobra stretch") would help your body, your mind could increase it's flexibility by doing a little more things outside the confort zone.
Consistent practise with small achievements is the key
Zilda E.
Relax your muscles, take take it one step at a time, and be persistent. (Affirmations for increased flexibility are also great) I hope this helped, and I wish you luck with your flexibility. 🙂
S Vio Q.
If you mean physical flexibility, then the easiest would be daily practice of yoga. There are many free channels on YouTube and you can do ones specific to stretching. If you mean mental flexibility, I recommend reading The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz.
Wilma S.
Ballistic stretching, performed under the supervision of a healthcare/trained professional will rapidly increase flexibility, however can be dangerous if not done properly. A consistent gentle stretching program done daily (either on its own or with a workout) is a safer option. On days where stretches are done on their own, rather than at the end of a workout, a hot bath or a 10min walk to warm up the muscles immediately prior to stretching will increase results and reduce chance of injury. Each stretch should be held for between 20-40 seconds. Mix up static stretching with dynamic flexibility activities, such as yoga, to avoid plateauing and to maintain motivation.
Filinto S.
first you need to move. warm up, work out – and then it’s time to stretch. focus upon 25 seconds of steady stretching per side. go slow. don’t bob up and down! be gentle but also massage your body in the places needing flexibility. strength and mobility = flexibility.
Marin O.
Yoga, yoga, yoga! Can't emphasise enough how good this is for increasing flexibility. But it also has many other benefits such as improving mental clarity and relaxing the mind.
Jonathan B.
I used to be really flexible. And I started to notice that I could not do simple things like touch my toes. So
I decided that I should try and do stretching 1 to two times a day. Of course I am not completely regular on doing it but I have noticed that I am becoming more flexible. To rap it up I recommend that you add stretching to your morning and or night routines. I hope you found this helpful.
Dennis Y.
If you hold your stretches longer and breath through the tension you may find your flexibility improving a little more day by day, but don’t push through pain as it may cause injury and try to warm up 1st.
Debra J.
Start with a few minutes of stretching in the morning and before going to sleep. Submit to a yoga course or do it by yourself 2/3 days a week. Download a yoga app that guides you and reminds you to do your yoga practice or choose and follow a yoga youtube channel.
Sheila U.
The only way to increase flexibility is to do it gradually over a period of weeks and months. Look at Yogis (yoga masters). It take time, patience & practice. Do the right stretches for the area you want to be more flexible in. You can only do what your body lets you. Just be patient & persevere. 🙏
Nathaniel F.
Just by doing your daily stretches. Don’t overdo it though, because you’re not
playdough and you could hurt yourself.
Becoming flexible doesn’t happen overnight, but it doesn’t happen unless you stretch.
Do your research and find good yoga and stretching poses, and you’ll see results before you know it!