What areas of the body you focus more when stretching?

Chandra Shekhar Reddy Maram
I focus primarily on my hands, legs, back and neck. And then move to other parts mainly joints as they help in being flexible which is what we all want in this stretching routine. Definitely this routine is helpful in making our bodies much more flexible. Thank you Fabulous.

Marissa Lorayes
If it feels stiff when you stretch your muscles that’s what you need to focus on. For specifics, wrists we forget about them a lot

Jess Huynh
Mostly legs because I'm sitting down for long periods in the day. Whereas your arms ate doing stuff most of the time and I'm not sure about abdominals, but I don't think there's a good variety of stretches for it.

Madyson Delegado
My arms and my back. I’m always sitting down so it’s good to stretch my back at the start of the day. Has really helped me feel more motivated. I also can’t touch my toes so I’ve been doing that stretch each day. I’m nearly there!

Susan B. Young
Raise arms to stretch up, neck and shoulders, but ultimately a few minutes on each part of the body. Takes a little more than one minute, but … oh, so worth it!

David Kartuzinski
Currently I am focused on restoring ran of motion to my neck and lower back. So I am focused on stretching these areas specifically.