Is 1 minute if stretching daily enough to make a difference?

Liv E.
I guess it depends on your stretching level, what you're going to stretch and when you're going to do it. There are more factors, but these were at first in my mind. I wouldn't do just 1 min stretches, but if you're going to start that habit it is not wrong. However, I would say it can make a difference, but it has also to do with other components. Just start and maybe after a week or so you can go to 2 min stretching.

Nica Y.
Yes. 1 minute of stretching can make a big difference in the long run. It doesn't matter how long you stretch, as long as you warm up your mussels, then you will be able to do more things each day. (Run faster, run further, ect.)

Misty J.
One minute of stretching is enough to start. Its easy enough to where you can do it every day, and enjoyable enough to where you could add to when you feel like 1 minute is too short.

Liv E.
One minute of stretching is enough for a person that is trying to be more active. But as a youngster like kt isn't enough