When you stretch, do you ever do it alone as a practice in itself, or only as a part of another workout or exercise?

Alberte W.
Stretching is important as it's own practice, and when isolated from exercise it becomes more grounded and intentional instead of a transitional step to something else.
Clife O.
I do exercise at different time and stretching is just an activity in between two of my work schedules.. this gave me additional energy sensation
Margit F.
Before using the fabulous I used to stretch when Im going to start my exercise but after using fabulous,stretching become my habits where I used to stretch after I woke up at morning and evening.
Thank you fabulous😋✨
Juc Lia Z.
When I have more time I usually try to do some yoga exercises that I like. However, most mornings are a bit hectic, so I just try to stand still for 1 minute and stretch as far to the ceiling as I can, and then give both sides of my torso a good stretch for 2-3 breaths each. That usually helps me to open up my chest and make breathing easier. 🙂
Zbigniew E.
Hi! I definitely do it as a standalone practice because stretching has value in and of itself – for regulating breathing, mental breaks, mindfulness, and physical loosening of muscles and joints. 👌😀
Hilma U.
only on its own. i don't really exercise but if i did i'd rather do it in the evening so after i could have a shower before bed. i stretch in the morning because i'm good at pulling muscles and have a bad back, its best to wake my muscles before i start straining them.
Elisabeth N.
My morning exercise routine is just stretching. I find that it makes me much more flexible when it’s time to do afternoon exercise! In addition, first thing in the morning is my most productive time, so I prefer to do my full workouts in the afternoon instead.
Tyler N.
I usually do the sun salutation each morning which is my form of stretching. I also stretch before and after exercising.
Silke N.
Yes I do. I will stretch occasionally every few days or so just because or after swimming or hiking. It is an activity that I have always enjoyed.
Urszula G.
I always do my stretches alone because i find that if I add them my exercise routine I tend to put more effort into them and they become workouts which they shouldn’t be they’re supposed to be stretches that energize my and prepare my body which is also why they’re perfect for the mornings !
Julia U.
Both 🙂
Sometimes I do a yoga practice; anything from 10-60 minutes. Sometimes I stretch as part of a workout. And sometimes I literally just do a few stretches for sixty seconds wherever I happen to be.
Giani Z.
Yes, I try to stretch daily, independently from a workout. I find it helps wake up my body and keep my aging muscles and bones flexible. My massage therapist recommended it as well since I tend to get tight between sessions.
Katrina N.
I have to stretch every morning before work, without a workout. It wakes my body up and gets me limber for my day at work. If I don't, my body is cold and I'm more prone to work injuries.
Daryl U.
I stretch after my breakfast because when I do it with an empty stomach I generaly have a sense of vomiting. I count strecth as my morning exercise but I exercise afterwards too so you can say it is a part of my exercise routine.
Maurit Nia Z.
I like to stretch first thing! Head rolls, shoulder rolls, back bends, toe touches, and a good long arms-in-the-air stretch, preferably accompanied by a yawn. Makes me feel ready to get going in the morning.
Valeri H.
Good Morning; I practice stretching by itself mostly. I do stretching & breathing threw out the day also. It has become part of a normal routine for me through out the day. Just standing at sink I will lift heals a few times,(you'll feel it threw your calves)
Also toes. Helps keep calf portion streatched. I like stretching during the day, helps keep ya limber all day& you'll do allot more without realizing how many you've done…
So stretch away& stay strong 💪& limber..😉🆗🌷🌹Have great day!!!!
Heinz Walter U.
For me i do both. I am on a highschool colorguard team so stretching is #1 on our list. But i also stretch when I'm sore, so that could be either one of the choices you set out as an example (alone or exercise/with others). Hope this helped! ~Zane
Magdalena F.
Stretching is the lubricant four the joints.doing it alone as a practice is in itself a workout and very good for the body.you wouldn't drive your car without oil. The oil is the lubricant. The blood of the car.
Carolyn O.
I incorporate stretching with both aspects; stretching by itself (usually at night) and stretching after a workout (when the muscles are loose and limber).