Is the sun salutation an appropriate stretch sequence for nighttime too?

Brandie Davis
I think so. It opens up and makes me feel relaxed. It gets my breathing in harmony – suitable for a day ahead or relaxing sleep.

Ramon Hanson
It can be, but slow it down, and spend a few breaths in child’s pose after downward dog. Generally speaking, the sun salutation is a practice for the morning, but you can make it an evening practice if you take it slow and rest extra.

Karl-otto Budde
Absolutely! It opens the heart and stretches the chest making me more open to receiving. In the morning it is the day that you are receiving – in the night it is the gift of rest and relaxation. The gift of dreams and the chance to re-charge.

Salviano Gomes
Love your idea
Those stretches may help deter muscle spasms at night
As well help the body relax for good nights rest