How do you get used to stretching? Sometimes I don’t feel like stretching in the morning and don’t keep my streak up.

Ma Lia E.
Sometimes I sleep with my shoulders hunched over so if I don't stretch in the morning I will be in pain all day. I make myself think this every morning even if I'm perfectly fine so I want to stretch to avoid any pain.
John G.
In all honesty, you will never get used to changing your habits if you don't treat your body and yourself seriously.

For myself I have found it is easier to just treat it like a goal I have to make for two days in a row. Then I will push myself to add a further two days until I have completed a week of rising early, stretching to wake up and start my day.

Sure, there are days when you don't want to move or participate in getting out of bed early, stretching or even treating your body as a temple. When that happens I remind myself,
"If not today…then when?"

Usually that is incentive enough to search within myself to find that extra push I need to just get on with it.

If you miss a day remember there is always tomorrow. Don't beat yourself up as that is negative talk which undermines your goals to do better.

After all, we are all individually responsible for our own personal journeys, aren't we?

Jennifer J.
On the days I workout, I stretch a bit before and after working out as it is very important to avoid injury. On the off days, I normally just stretch mid-day to freshen up when I am getting tired.
Ola Z.
Consistency with anything can be a challenge, on the days I don’t feel like stretching I just remind myself of the benefits that will come from it and tell myself that a minute of stretching today is better than a lifetime of discomfort from tight/stressed joints
Charlie U.
Stretching is just part of getting up. One minute first thing in the morning actually helps me wake up faster. The faster I wake up the faster I can make coffee!
Juno N.
I stretch as soon as I get out of the bed. I move just a few feet away from my bed, step on my mat and follow a stretching routine. Sometimes I just don’t want to do it so it helps to have the mat laid out. I can’t leave the room without crossing it and that helps me to be successful.
Ma Lie C.
For me it is easy as i feel too much tension on my back if i don’t stretch. My challange is to spare some time for it in the morning as i am always in antısh to go to work. Even if i dont strech in the morning my back pains remind me of stretching
Ronnie F.
I hate stretching too! But I make myself do it every day, at least once, because it makes me feel so much better. I guess I just put it on my list of things I have to do, and then do it because I have to do it.
Theodore C.
Just get up and do it. Think about how you will have done it and can go through the rest of the day without having to do that again. Bribe yourself, if you must. "If I stretch now, I can x later."

Even if the bribe is eating some sweet, the important thing is to make stretching a habit.

You could also have a weekly, or monthly goal. "If I stretch every day for x amount of time, I may spend some time, or money, etc., on this thing I wanted to do."

Linda O.
i stretch in bed before i get up. I then try to move along doing stretches as i brush my teeth etc. I also stretch when i climb back in bed before i sleep.
Brandy U.
Just get up and think about how much time you spend waisting.
If you got up and did it it'll be ok, because the most hard part of doing anything is beginning it.
Fen Sia A.
As a yoga teacher, I know the benefits of gentle stretching in the morning and how it can affect the body and mood for the rest of the day. I make time for 10 minutes of meditation and 10-20 minutes of gentle yoga. I am flexible on when I can fit it into my schedule and don’t criticize if I miss it one day.
Cl Lia Y.
There are some stretches that you can do right in bed, you can simply google for those or do your stretching at night. Once you do it several times you will great and will be looking forward to stretching. I sometimes do leg stretches while I’m brushing teeth.
Jessie O.
I really don’t stretch. What I do is Zach Bush 4 minutes work out. Because I didn’t have the possibility of customize my activity, I chose “stretch” that reminded my workout.
This workout is very energizing, ideal to begin my day
Pearl J.
Even days I don't feel like stretching, I do the bare minimum and I can feel the difference the next day so it's quite the motivator to stretch, even just a little!
Rachel J.
Maybe you’re setting your standard too high and pushing yourself too far. Start with stretches that feel easy and relax into them. Don’t push yourself so far that it’s overbearing or painful. Look for a sweet burn, nothing extreme. You’ve got this!!
Vadim R.
I think about the value that I'll get out of it being far greater than the 60 seconds I'm investing in it. I think about the days where I have more energy as a result of stretching. I think about the blood cells in my body excitedly running through my limbs to power me up.
Meinhard Z.
I usually get started inside my bed, stretching my arms, hands, legs and feet as far as I can, following with a few more stretches laying or siting in my bed. Then I sit in my bed with the feet on the floor and stretch both sides of my back. After that I stand up and follow the stretch breathing and putting my hands as tall as I can, stretching my entire body and then breathing out going all th way down touching the floor with my fingers, going on with the stretch for as long as it feels good.
Kelly Z.
I always start with the words… “just do it”. Once those words are said either out loud or in my mind I begin with a easy stretch whilst I’m waiting for my kettle to boil or my toast to pop 🙂 after that I go with the flow of my body and see what parts of it needs stretching or if there are any tight feelings in my joints or muscles !!
Jeffrey S.
Allow yourself to not do it first thing, but second to tenth, or anywhere before 10am. Also, mix with a few minutes of lifting weights/kids, jumping jacks, dancing (and then stretch for a minute afterwards).
Gauthier Y.
Great question! Personally, if I’m not feeling well or just dont feel like stretching, I try to do it for at least a minute and then I will usually feel better and continue stretching for longer! Just remember all the positive benefits of stretching such as reducing chances of injuring yourself and just feeling better! Whatever happens, do your best to put as much effort that you can just so you can keep the streak going! Remember, the longer the streak, the more you want to keep it! Hope I could help! 😁
Bonif Cio F.
Start small. Learn to look at it as a relaxing form of dance. Breath into your stretches and see it as a means to love and support your body.
Jared Z.
I have to set an alarm on my phone to do it. I also foam roll. At first it all hurts. But you eventually feel really good after doing them both, and that is my biggest motivation to stretch and roll. You can do it!