What is the best stretch to do for your c-spine and shoulder area?

Vanessa G.
For me, I have 3 stretches that I do for my shoulders every morning. The first one is just a simple arm cross over- cross one arm (straight) over your chest and hold it in place with the other arm. I hold each arm twice for about 30sec each time. The second stretch is very similar – you take one arm up above your head and cross it behind your head/neck and push down on your elbow or pull your hand down with your other hand. Hold that one twice for 30 seconds as well. The third stretch is kind of a 2 in one- I love to do the upward facing dog yoga pose and turn my head from side to side and do circles with my head as well it’s an awesome neck stretch. You then can do the same pose modified, just lay back down on your tummy and move your hands out farther apart and lift up one shoulder at a time wile trying to keep the other on the ground. You can get a deeper stretch by spreading out your fingers and putting your weight into your fingertips with your palm off the ground. I alternate back and forth from left to right continuously with both of these and hold it for however long feels good! Hope this helps!!
Dustin P.
The best spine stretch that I do and all of my classmates do is where u sit on a chair with no arm handles, and you grab the back of the chair while still sitting down and twist your back both left and right.