In the mornin I do regularly stretching and mobility exercises, but I don’t do any other more intense exercise. Do you think it’s still ok? I mean, during mobility my breath starts being more frequent and I sweat as well. Thanks!

Hans Theo X.
I am like you, I do stretching in the morning and that's it.
I think it's enough as a start, if you feel you can do more maybe you should!

Katana Z.
I think it’s better than okay! You’re doing great and even just doing something simple, like mobility exercises, gets your body up and at ‘em and ready to do stuff. And you’re helping yourself the whole way, like your body is only getting better for it. I’m super proud of you!!

Christine G.
You're doing great!! The most important part about exercise is to do something every day (with a gentler recovery day once a week) to make healthy fitness a habit. And you're doing that already! I'm not a doctor or trainer, but I'd say as long as your routine makes you breathe harder and sweat a bit, keep it up. When it starts to become easier for you, and you don't feel the strain as much, then take a look at adding more challenging exercises to your routine. In the meantime, how about also taking ten minutes every day to go for a brisk walk? Walking is one of the absolute best things we can do for our health, especially because it gets us outside. If going for a walk is not an option, consider adding some gentle yoga stretches into your afternoon, as a pick-me-up. There are plenty of poses that can be done from an office chair! When all these things become easy for you, and you're ready to kick it up a notch, give your doctor a call to make sure you pick moves that are right for you. Keep up the good work, and have fun!

Miss Z.
Hi! Thanks for reaching out. Ok im not a coach or fitness guru 🙂 and i believe youre doing something great already by moving. Breaking a sweat is nice and even if you dont sweat it doesnt mean youre doing anything wrong. Depending on you age physical health condition and goals i would say begin weight lifting. Nothing crazy. If youre a novice pick up 3lb weights, or 5 lbs. go for brisk walks and balance that out with strength training. I like weights bc i have become noticeably stronger, my endurance is at a good lever and i like those elements. I highly encourage googling beginners weight training and combining this with your current exercises.