What is a great easy, quick stretch?

Lauriana P.
As you stand, make cactus arms and gently lean back, stretching your shoulders and chest. Breathe in as you hold for 5 seconds.

Joshua A.
I personally like doing the "downward facing dog" yoga position if I'm going to do one quick stretch. I feel i get a lot of benefits from it and it's simple and easy. Remember that you don't have to be stationary. Bend your legs, rock your weight forward onto your hands and back onto your feet. It's great for the calves, hamstrings, and lower back.

Asta W.
For me, a great and easy quick stretch is when you sit on one knee and one leg on the ground and move your waist forward which is also called a knee hamstring. It is helpful for people who want thier body to be more flexible.