Do you follow a stretching routine or make it up as you go? When do you stretch?

Laura Q.
I normally have a light stretch & make it up as I go in the morning.

As for bedtime ritual, i have a stretching routine focusing on neck, shoulder & spine, incorporated with calves relaxing exercise too.

Stretching has become part of my life.

Юлиан Рачев N.
I have like 4 stretching exercises that i do every time and from there I stretch the parts of my body that I feel need stretching. And I strech whenever i feel like it, mostly in the morning or in the evening
Laura N.
I prefer to follow a stretching routine. Pamela Reif got different stretching routines on her YouTube channel. In the Morning I like to do the 5min routine, after Workouts either the 8min Leg Stretch or the 10/15min Full Body Stretch. On Rest days I like to do the 30min stretching routine.