How do you keep the stretch habit fresh?

Mylan Q.
I keep a few yoga poses in rotation… moving through the pose just once or twice opens my circulation and eases tension no matter the time of day! I like to cycle through a sun salutation or vinyasa in the morning and hit a warrior pose in the afternoon to center in my strength for the rest of the day. I will also choose a half moon pose for balance and reflection.
Nina Z.
I found an amazing app called down dog where you customise your stretching routine but you get a new variant every day!
Fred O.
I use the sun salutations every morning and evening for my stretch habit. I definitely get bored with it sometimes, but then I'll be sure from a workout, or a bad nights sleep, and then I remember why I do it. It's simple and effective. I also add a few shoulder stretches, so sometimes I'll let myself skip them. Even that becomes a reminder of why it's important to me, since I'll feel the tightness later. I try to focus on how good I feel all day when I stretch.
Lee B.
I always manage to stretch in the morning no matter what by just reminding myself that it’s only for (however many minutes). While I stretch, I count the number of seconds left.
Freja C.
I use the exercise app Sworkit which allows me switch it up. I sometimes use a pair of dice and roll to see how many of each kind of exercise I will do (lunges, etc)
Erika Q.
I don’t bother because it’s five minutes. The same ones work.
I only switch it up for the longer workouts like yoga and I will use different apps, go to classes, or use YouTube videos for variety.
I’ll also go to the gym sometimes.
Aloys S.
Just remembering that I don't have to do a full-on yoga session! It's just a little stretching, however feels good or natural for as long as I want.