How do you stretch your back and shoulder blades safely?

Emy Z.
I don’t know how to stretch my back and shoulder blades safely. I only know that in general you should not stretch to the point of feeling pain.

Nino O.
I like to count to ten for my stretches and take deep breaths.

One arm across the front, then count while breathing. Switch arms.

Ant Nia N.
Since the shoulder blades are bones I wouldn’t recommend stretching them. Instead focus on the musculature. More specifically, the rhomboids. Sit or stand with the right hand extended completely in front of the shoulder. Reach the right hand across the body toward the opposite shoulder. Grab the right upper arm with the left hand allowing the right elbow to bend. Breathe deeply in and out while holding this position for 30 seconds. Repeat on the other side. I feel it necessary to note that many people search for stretching when strengthening is what is needed. Here is a simple exercise for increasing strength in the entire back with emphasis on the shoulder blades. Lay face down with your hands holding a pole (a broom handle works great) just at the glutes. Lift the pole slightly, lift your chest slightly and push the shoulder blades together. Rest. Repeat for a total of 6 reps. Then do two more sets of 6.

Mathias T.
I usually stretch side ways pulling one hand down the out side of my leg the other bringing over top of my head and reaching as far as I can in either direction