Sould I do it before breakfast ? Or should I do it after breakfast ? And whats about exercising ? Sould I do it before or after breakfast ??

Paul S.
I'm sorry. I'm not sure what specifically you are asking about? Exercising I prefer to do before breakfast and shower. Make u earn the meal and earn the shower.
Shelley P.
I don't think there's anyone right answer. Don't exercise on a full stomachI don't think there's anyone right answer. Don't exercise on a full stomach however fit it in your day when you are more likely to do it and feel good about it. I am very stiff in the morning due to arthritis so I do not exercise until I have moved around a bit and loosened up . Also I always stretch before I do any kind of exercise. The one thing I have discovered since I joined fabulous is there is no one right answer for everyone. I am an overweight senior having fun with dance yoga and ballet and loving it!
Giulia T.
As soon as I wake up I meditate and I have a quick snack. After that I exercise, I have a shower and I have a big healthy breakfast
Robin W.
I do everything before breakfast because then my mind is still fresh and the effects of exercise for example have a larger influence on the way I start the day. Think about it this way, if while you're eating breakfast you are constantly having negative thoughts or you read the newspaper (which is usually all negative), then this is the way you start your day and is your base. But if you exercise first, make sure you're hydrated and do some stretching then you'll be more relaxed and then THIS is your base you start your day with.

But ultimately just doing these habits is much much more important than when you do them, there is no "wrong" time.
Have a great day!

Samantha W.
I personally like to exercise before breakfast because eating makes it harder for me to exercise because I feel too full, but everything else I do after breakfast I think better.
Lena X.
I personally take ten to fifteen minutes to stretch in the evening as I find it quite relaxing and don't want to feel rushed in the morning. I like taking this extra time to wind down and reflect on the day. As far as exercising goes, I prefer to do a quick session before breakfast to help me wake up! Then I like to add in another brief workout a bit later in the day. Keeping them quick and to the point (while also giving them the added purpose of energizing me to get me through the day) helps keep me motivated, but you should experiment to find out what works best for you!
Lyn C.
I do my 1 minute stretch before breakfast, as soon as I drink water and take my meds. I do my meditation after breakfast. Sit and think, read, then meditate