Where do you focus your stretching and do you use specific exercises?

Geeta O.
At the moment my stretching is centred around elongation my spine and relaxing the muscles ok my upper back. I do have a set of prescribed stretches for rhat6

Stephanie Y.
I focus on my back, shoulders and hamstrings as I am in office work. I always finish my stretches off with the rag doll, rolling all parts of my spine down to the floor.

Tom S.
I focus my stretching more in my leg area as I would like to soon achieve a split. I also have very tight hamstrings that stop me from doing my best in my strength training. As of recently I haven’t been working out at all and my fitness level is depreciating. I want to start off slow and work myself up to going to the gym everyday and feeling confident in my strength again.

Tristan W.
I try to focus on different areas every time but the goal is mostly to elongate my core and stretch out my hips. I love yoga but prefer to do it privately as opposed to in a class with friends.

Ambre E.
I use yoga based stretches to warm up in the morning. I usually focus on my shoulders and hips as they usually support most of my stress and dont move much while I am sleeping or in an extended state of rest.

Adam Q.
I use different yoga positions and the famous reach for your toes and then twisting from side to side which is good for detox for the body too.

Liselotte R.
I do a bottom to top stretching. I start with my toes, similar to yoga steetching, concentrating on each muscle group. Doing deep breathing at the same time. It really wakes me up an inch at a time.

Abigail Z.
I personally vibe with my body and go with the movements it gives me and it helps to connect myself to how my body is feeling

Marisa U.
I focus more on my lower back area as it tends to hurt the most. I don’t really have any specific exercises other then one which is my favorite, the downward dog yoga pose. It helps me stretch out my back.

V Nia Z.
Normally on places that I feel sore, if I did some specific exercise or walked more than usual, on the next day I stretch those muscles who feel a little bit tired

Zachary Y.
I tend to focus on stretching my back by twisting side to side. I would recommend also bending down to touch your toes. Don’t strain yourself. Start with small stretches and over time stretch for longer periods of time. Taking deep breaths helps with stretching too 🙂

Ricky B.
Hey thanks for the question ! I am doing it in outside if i can and it's giving me the power of nature with evert breath.
I not using any spesific exercises doing them from the app. Just look at them and find the best one for you mate good luck. !

Amalie A.
I don’t do specific exercises, but I do mostly the same kind of stretching in the same way every time. Sometimes I stretch one part of the body more one day, and another the next.

Robyn Z.
I run a few times a week so I like to focus on stretching my legs. I touch the floor with my legs straight and stretch my inner thighs

Taliah N.
I mainly work on my legs and my back because I get so stiff carrying around a toddler and an infant. I'm really trying to get back to my high school flexibility.

Louise N.
My lower back hurts sometimes, so one that helps is getting close to wall with a towel under my lower back (not on tailbone), then put legs up wall and hold for count of 20 four times or another one is lie on back with one leg straight out and other put towel sling under foot and pull up towards chest

Malthe U.
Quick hamstring stretch sitting in an L position and reaching toes. Back stretch lying on back and rolling bottom half of body to either side. Stretching arms overhead.

Shelby N.
I have scoliosis and uneven hips so when I stretch I try to focus a lot on those areas. I also work on leg flexibility a lot since I’m a dancer. I usually do stretches that help realign my spine and my splits. Other than that it varies.

Ale N.
I typically stretch next to my bed. The reason for that is, I make my bed every morning as part of the beginning of the day. So it prompts me, it reminds me that since I’m up and I have to do my stretching anyways, I have no excuse not to do it because I just stood up from out of bed, right?
No specific regime of stretches other than listening to what my body is doing or where it’s aching. I’ve pulled my back too many times before because I didn’t listen, so now I make sure I do lol.
I will typically take a deep breath in, reach my palms up to the sky and exhale to help that tension go. With my arms up I’ll bend slightly to the left and to the right to stretch out my sides. Slowly bend down and touch the floor to stretch my upper and lower back and the last thing I do is something I never forgot from school. Sitting down, you put one leg out, one leg comes to your thigh and your try to reach your toes with your left arm (if you’re doing your right leg for example) and vice versa. Hold for about 30 seconds each. By then, my body feels a little looser that if I exercise or not, it still feels less stiff from our bodies sleeping and being inactive all night. Hope this helps a bit! 🙂

Stephanie Y.
Good Day,
I usually focus on stretching out my back/spinal area. Since our spine supports the entire body I chose to do this first.
As I’ve observed every morning with my dogs, the first thing they all do as they open their eyes is a stretch. That stretch is actually the ‘Downward Dog’.
I figured if animals know to stretch first thing in the morning why not take a page out of their book. So I now do the same every morning. I incorporate side bends and back bends also.

Jan R.
I stretch doing Yoga poses. I do it in the morning, to strecth my body for the new day. I focus on slowly pushing my limits, but very gentle, feeling my muscles and I try to apply gratitude too in this exercise, thanking my body for getting stronger and more flexible each day 🥰

Mia E.
I focus on my hamstrings because I spend a lot of time sitting, either on the floor to play or at the desk for work. I usually do a 30-second single seated hamstring stretch on each side for my one-minute stretch routine.

Bruxy X.
I focus my stretching on the areas that most need it, but I'm always sure to work on my neck, shoulders, feet & ankles. this usually relieves tension throughout the body and makes it easier to stretch everywhere else.

I have a routine that I've put together from various types of dance warm ups: ballet, jazz, afro-caribbean. I picked the exercises I find to be the most effective to maintain flexibility, and to relieve stress and pain.

I start with long staying stretches, and slowly move to dynamic stretches.

I'm always looking for new things to add, even's the same or similar stretches done with a different rhythm or put together in a different way, just to keep things lively. I found some good YouTube channels: "Lazy Dancer Tips", "Groove3", and "Get Healthy You with Chris Frietag".

For the first one you should have some basic knowledge of ballet, especially the positions of the feet, keeping weight over the toes, how to square the hips, how to hold the arms… But you can find beginner videos on all of those channels.

they all have subscriptions that you can pay for but you can also just watch the videos on YouTube for free… That said get healthy has a really cheap offer right now, there's a lot of good stuff in there.

Sanne E.
I try to focus my stretching on my legs and feet to relax after a long day of skiing. I try to do this by using different yoga routines and by changing it up every day so that I make sure every muscle gets a good stretch.