Does anyone have a success story with stretching they would like to share?

Deanna T.
If you just do a little bit everyday, you’ll improve gradually. Don’t aim for pain, be king to yourself! I couldn’t do the splits, but I did just 5 minutes each day and after a couple months I could do it. This method won’t get you and instant results but you’ll really improve and enjoy stretching too.

Iwona O.
I don’t really have a “success” story—but I try to set 5ish minutes aside everyday to stretch. I’m a dancer, so the flexibility aspect of it has helped me tremendously. Stretching makes me feel less cramped—I would totally recommend stretching every day if you can. If helps me sleep better and feel more relaxed! It’s a part of my evening routine.

Brent F.
I’ve had issues with my lower back for years, and it seems when I’m stressed I always get a sore back, and it affects my mood a lot. Recently I’ve realised that the back issue is eased or totally erased by stretching my hip and leg muscles. So I’m trying to make it a daily habit to stretch these muscles, as it prevents my back getting in a bad way. It’s so rewarding to have an ache-free back!

Emilie W.
Not so much just stretching, but a short yoga routine has really changed my life and my body and how I feel about myself. 15 minutes of stretching daily just totally resets my mood and grounds me and keeps me motivated to stick to all my other decisions. Don't know if that's just me but that's how I feel about it now!