What kind of stretches do you do daily and how often? If you work in an office, how have you worked it into your routine?

Enzo F.
I don't really focus on specific stretches as much as I do body parts. Whatever is most stiff and sore or what needs the most love is what gets stretched daily. For me, that's my neck, back, wrists, arms, and shoulders.
Sophie T.
My favorite stretches are neck rolls, toe touches, and basic yoga poses like the downward dog and child pose for example – I incorporate different variations of those daily.

In the office, I sneak neck rolls and neck stretches in at the copy machine while waiting for my print outs/copies- especially since I tend to get tight in those areas while sitting and typing. I found some good ones on youtube that were safe for me to do daily.

Naja U.
I complete a short stretch routine every morning and have just introduced an evening stretch routine. It’s just enough to start my day feeling good about myself and is a pleasant way to end the day
Quentin Z.
I stretch what feels good. My legs (hamstrings), arms over my head, neck rotations… I have a private cubicle, so I’m not self conscious about stretching when I need or want to. I do it when I think of it, or when fabulous reminds me to.