I just one minute of stretching enough?

Dem Trio B.
Forever? No. As a start? It’s better than not stretching at all. And… if you do one minute, you may do more.

I have a few simple stretches that I do before bed. Some days that’s all I do. Other days, it feels good and i’m Not ready to turn out the light… so I do a few more.

On nights when I have one or more particularly tight muscles not stretched by my regular stretches, I try to add in something more.

If you have a few simple exercises and you do them regularly they do help. If you get into the stretch and hold it for 30 seconds on each side your muscles really have a chance to let go and relax… and your minute is up.

Best way to know, though? Try it and see!

Christina O.
I enjoy stretching so I don't think 1 minute is enough to do your whole body, but if you have a couple of key stretches e.g. hips and chest – you can feel revitalised after 1 minute
Grace E.
I think that it's about establishing a regular practice and adding more stretch time or extra sessions later in the day when its established.
Marc U.
I do it for 2 minutes just because i do yoga for a few months now so stretching is like already my routine so i do it for 2-3 minutes but i think for beginners its really enough, enough to feel comfortable
Alexander W.
Hello there! Thanks for your question, it’s a good one. I’m of the opinion that each of our bodies are different. We also have different needs each day. As for me, 1 minute of stretching seemed like too much before I started yoga 7 months ago. Now I aim to practice at least 10 minutes a day but hey there are also days where that doesn’t happen.

I say listen to your body as it really does know best. Aim for a minute and if your body is aching for more than go for it! If it doesn’t, that’s all good too.

Wishing you all the best on your fabulous journey.

Jayden W.
It might be more if you enjoy the stretching. I have never looked on the clock. Firstly I started just with one or two stretching exercises may be less than 1 min . After two or three days I included warm up exercises so the time extended. After week I spend may be 5-7min every morning for stretching. 1min was ok for me to create the habit. The idea is to stretch as much as you want and to feel good to do this constantly.