What are the best morning stretches?

Bryan J.
I like to do fast stretches that build up some heat and activate my breathing and awaken and energize me. I rapidly reach up high over my head and all the way down past my toes in a loose way repeatedly, for example.
Barbara Z.
I'm finding several 5 – 10 minute stretching "routines" on Pinterest. I love the ones that open up my chest or stretch out my entire leg.
Willie Y.
I lay on my back still in bed and pull up knee to chest one leg at a time. Then I straighten one leg at a time and pull gently back with it straight in the air for a hamstring stretch. Sometimes I'll also let it fall to the outside slowly for a hip flexor stretch.
Leah T.
I have an runtastic app named "results" and there is a stretch programme 8 minutes long, doesn't pause, really great. I watch the tv and do the exercises
Anton N.
Hi, I Don't really know if I can answer that question. I only know what works for me. That being said, I can only tell you what I do, as a woman of 82 years and NOT a specialist. I only know how it works with me.
Personally, I have physical issues that prevent me from doing exercises on dry land. I do it by stretching and a strong workout in a pool, where I do stretching, exercises and float while meditating. I cannot sink in water and I love the relaxing feel of floating. At times, I actually fall asleep!
After taking my meds with a glass of water, I stay on the bed and I stretch every part of my body, legs, ankles, back, arms, wrists, neck and double chin. It takes about an hour and I enjoy doing it and enjoy the benefit of doing it.
People have noticed the change in me, thinking that I have lost weight. I haven't, but my body is toned.
If focusing on a few areas, I think if you have problems in some area of your body, that would be the area on which to focus. The Fabulous has some great stretching exercises. I am sure that they are good for the normal younger Fabulous member. PLEASE REMEMBER e remeCH UNTIL YOU FEEL THE STRETCH STRETCH UNTIL YOU PAIN……THAT COULD CAUSE MUSCLE OR TENDON DAMAGE. This is a time when "No pain—-> No gain" works
And while you are reading what I write, please remember that I am NOT a trained specialist. I am just an older member of The Fabulous.
Mason F.
i usually sit on the floor and spread my legs and reach for my toes for about 10 seconds each, do butterfly legs, touch my hands behind my back, and roll my neck. then i stand up and bend over to touch my toes again until i feel like i’m all stretched out
Benjamim P.
I have a nice book, in english could be “everyone could do the split with the eiko’s japanese method” this will teach you the best stretch
Edwin R.
There are a lot of YouTube videos for morning stretches. I mix them up because I get bored easily. If I really like a routine I save it to my favorites. The best stretches are whatever ones you actually do.
Phillip W.
I do yoga Sun Salutations, dependant on my available time. They cover the entire body, and done slowly build strength and done quickly for a little aerobic effect.
Adeline F.
I do something called head to toe, which basically stretches your legs. The goal of the excersise is to put your forehead on your toe. So you stand with a straight leg and bend as far as you can against your toe. Grab your foot with your hand(s) and pull yourself towards your toe. I pull myself 100 times on each foot. Takes me 3 minutes. Google yatui, for further explanation 🙂
Ian X.
Start with wiggling those toes, then rotating ankles & pointing & flexing feet.. then move your way up! Pull up those knees, scissor them, extend feet and scissor again, first in one direction, them the other.. Dont forget to breathe! Pull those knees up to your chest.. then I’m usually ready to get outta bed and do some yoga/salute to the sun.. as best I can.. 🙂
Victoria E.
Bed stretches and end with yoga poses of sun salutation, cat poses, downward dog, walk back for hamstring stretches up to mountain pose. Namaste
Shawn U.
In the mornings people are stiff when they wake up so it's important to do a few minutes of exercise before stretching. Nothing hectic is required. After that target your stiff areas for you stretches and make sure not to push a stretch to the point that it hurts. Maybe even try a simple morning yoga routine
Lois E.
The ones my chiro suggested I do in bed. I feed my cat first, because their is no snooze on a Hungry Cat. I come back to bed and bring a leg up and bend it to my chest, lay it down and alternate with my other leg ten times. Then I lift and bend the leg the same way but bring it over to the opposite side for a full stretch with my arm outstretched and count to 20 and alternate ten times. The I bend both legs putting them together and swing them side to side to warm up the spine. When I am done with that I sit on the edge of my bed and do neck exercises. The first is looking to my right shoulder and then moving my neck to look at the other shoulder. I do this 40 times. It gets rid of the arthritis on my neck. Then I stretch my neck by carefully bringing my chin to the right side of my neck and hold my head pushing down a little carefully and do the same for the other side ten times alternating. Lastly, I face straight sitting down and then bring my head all the way back and open my mouth as I do this and lift it up and close my mouth as I bring my head forward and down. I then stretch my neck like a pendulum, putting my chin to my chest and swinging my head carefully to the right and all the way back to center and to my left in one continued motion until my neck muscles have worked out the arthritic kinks. Lol. I do the same pendulum swag by looking forward and then bringing my head all the way back and swing like a pendulum right center and left in one swoop, alternating side to side until all the muscles work out said arthritic kinks. And then I rise and lift my hands as in prayer from my chest, above my head, opening my arms and bringing the down and putting them behind me in one swoop, then I twist my wrist so my palms are up and lift my arms as far as I can while bringing my shoulders as far up as they can go and and lift my chin up. This is a great stretch for the spine and neck and arms. Then I make my bed. Then I go to my mat and do stretching we learned in gym. And then I do a Yoga Pose I’m working on and add past yoga poses but I don’t go nuts. Lol. Then I step side to side and then begin to lift my legs back to make a side to side motion and start punching in rhythm to get some movement and energy and then I’m supposed to jump in the shower.
Ludwina J.
Basic Static leg and arm stretches are the best in the morning because you stretch and warm up major joint and muscle groups
Katrine X.
I love doing rounds of sun salutations as slow or as fast as I want. Sometimes I throw in extra little things like warrior poses or lunges or whatever my body feels like doing. And always do spirit fingers as often as possible.
Susan Z.
I think any stretch is good for any time. If you can, I would see what muscles in your body seem the most stiff or uncomfortable and search on YouTube some good stretches for that muscle. Do that two of three times for thirty seconds and you're done.
Evan A.
Well, I don't really do morning stretches that everybody does I just invent my own like lying on bed and moving the right arm until it reaches the side of my foot and doing the same with the left arm. I really love the butterfly exercise I do it frequently and add little stuff to it. Just to make it more beneficial
But remember don't hurt yourself and be careful
Sofie Y.
Yoga stretches and anything that comes to your mind, just find enough place and calm, something will come to your mind 😌 you can also turn some morning music and dance if you like or go out and run
Carl E.
Ah! what an important question! I want to stretch, but which stretches do I do? I personally like to stretch sore muscles. This can be due to overuse from working them out or even fromsleeping in an awkward position. Those are always my first stretches because :
1) It feels very good, so you will be excited to stretch them in the morning.
2) It’s very good to stretch sore muscles to prevent any injuries!

If not, The Make me Fabulous stretch routine is great if you’re still not sure what to do. And if ten minutes is too long, just do the first ones, then slowly start to do more and more! Finally, search the web for an infinite amount of ideas! YouTube is full of stretching videos for any part of your body, and there are tons of quick and easy stretches for beginners!
I hope I could help! 🙂