What best helps you to continue on with your routine?

Frida X.
Checking it a few times per day to be sure that i've done what i have to do and havin achievable goals that do not force me too much at the beginning until i get comfortable with them.

Rafael F.
Being flexible within a routine. Party of it is also incorporating things you've always fine before as part of your routine, as easy boxes to check within a routine. This way that old habit will pull you into your new ones.

Felicia J.
The fact that I want to change is why I continue my routine. If I didn’t want to change I wouldn’t continue my routine because I would t care

Jeremiah O.
Reminding myself that it's a long process, that it's okay to not be on time, and to hold myself accountable, but only in a healthy way for me mentally

Daniel C.
I need to feel like I am staying on track. Like a week overview. I know I have been in a funk for a few days and when I feel like I have not stayed on track for days it is hard to pull my self up out of that funk. But it is easier to stay on track when I know I have been on track for at least a day.

Lena Y.
That it's ok to complete only 1 task on the routine, even if it is just to breathe or stretching for 1 minute. It helps me to do the routine another day/next time. It's ok to miss a day or two etc, though it doesn't mean that I didn't do it at all or completed any tasks (may have simply forgot to check the box). Overall, deliberately add one task that you are very likely to complete anyway. That small feeling of accomplishment, even if it is small/easy/routine/whatever, will likely motivate you to do another one and so on. It also gives you a chance to look at the routine overall and complete other ones that you didn't recall etc. Point being: take one step at a time.

Danielle Y.
Fabulous is great when I manage it into my routine I’ve really only lasted a few to five days in a row then it veers off.
I’m still trying to attempt changing my paradigm.
Breaking bad habit is hard
I enjoy the organization of fabulous. I look forward to finally setting achievable goals.and x ing my bad habits.