How do you really get into your deep work? I can’t seem to focus. Can you help me? What are your tips?

Leslie S.
Well what i usually like to do is write everything down that distracts me. But before that i write down what i would do for deep wprk then choose the most importanat one out of all of them. You may thimk that you should confine yourself to one single room nut that will make it even harder to focus because we feel loke were trapped inside a little room with four walls and think about that rather than thinking about what we are supposed to be doing in that moment
Todd E.
See how long you can focus. Time yourself to see how frequently you get distracted. Then, when you feel the urge to do something else, visualize that feeling floating away.
Nelita O.
I have found that deep work can be ground into a habit! A habit has cue-activity/routine-reward cycle. Keep a cue which suggests that you are about to start work (e.g.: I listen to cello instrumental), Do the work as well as you can in chunks of achievable steps and when it's done, reward yourself! This, when done over a period of time, becomes a habit…something that you do automatically, n not something you need to actively force yourself! Life is about habits!! I heartily recommend picking up and reading 'Power of Habit' by Charles Duhigg! It will change your life as you know it if you implement the basics! All the best!
Rosemary S.
Build a sense of passion for your work even if it’s boring or mundane. Consider your work to be a reflection of you and really put your heart into it.
Miguel O.
Well, you want to make a nice work space first. Make sure you have everything and I mean EVERYTHING! Snacks, drinks, chapstick, and of course pencils, a sharpener, erasers, and highlighters. Put some relaxing music on, or if you prefer quietness you can go into a quite room. Try to avoid sitting on the bed, couch, or chair, because that could lead you to fall asleep. If you need to squish a squishy or other stress relievers just don’t get to into it
Isabella O.
Well first off get your phone away from you. Your phone temps you to search through social media and do anything but work. When your phone is away from you its time to do your deep work. Your problem is that you think to much through out the process I often think of the positive result which is the end result. Many people forget about how good you fell when you accomplish things especially during deep work. Also a little tip have a snack with you that you can munch on during your work time. If you need additional tips on how to focus here they are
•work in a cleaned area
•Work in a quite place
•Have all supplies needed with you so you don’t get up during your working session
•Think about the result of your work
•By the end of the week treat your self to something wether it’s to buy a new book or to some ice cream this always helps out ☺️
Justine C.
I set an alarm for the duration I wish to work for. This reduces anxiety and distraction because I know I will be done when the alarm goes off. Hope this helps